About Our Websites

At Bitguy we build all our websites using the popular CMS (Content Management System) called WordPress. What this means for you is that your Website will be running on one of the most trusted, widely used and secure platforms available.

We will take care of the initial setup, design, domain purchase, and hosting for you. Your site will be kept up to date with all the latest security features and will be backed up to prevent any disastrous losses.

How long does it take to build a website?

This depends on the number of pages, what features you require and how much content needs to be added but the average time frame is around 3 weeks.

Will I be able to update my own website?

Yes! WordPress has a simple user interface that will allow you to easily manage content, users, products and other data without having to know any fancy programming languages or technical skills.

I will also always be available to assist you should you get stuck or have any questions.

About Me

My name is Julian and I have been building websites since I can remember. I started out about 12 years ago building websites for friends, family, and myself. It has always been a passion and a hobby and I recently started taking on freelance projects after getting a few requests from my loyal customers.

If you are a small business or individual looking to build some web presence, get in contact, I’d be happy to help!


At Bitguy we offer 3 basic web design packages.


A basic landing page with all your info, clearly and professionally displayed. This will showcase your company or personal info/biography, links to your socials and contacts. And can include images and videos.


A multi-page informational website. This typically includes your home page, about page, contact page, services page and more. This does not include any interactive functionality such as e-commerce, sign ups etc.


This is our top-tier package and is typically used for larger multi-page sites with e-commerce functionality, member sign-ups, and more complex requirements. If you’re not sure which product suits your needs, get in contact to find out more.


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